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Ukrainian Volunteer Service is a nongovernment organization that develops volunteering movement and communities in Ukraine.
Each of us has a dream of an ideal country. Volunteering is our way to reach this ideal.

We believe that as little as one our of volunteering can have a meaningful impact on society, country and the world. This is why we argue day after day that it is worth attention of everyone.
Our mission is Volunteering for everyone: interesting, wanted by every citizen of Ukraine. If at least 1.000.000 Ukrainians have experienced volunteering, this will make a great impact on our country.

We highlight ukrainian volunteering movement, help volunteers find opportunities and people who need their help, and educate non-profit organizations how to efficiently cooperate with volunteers.
What we do
Create, find and share opportunities for volunteering
Volunteers can always know where their help is needed
Popularizing volunteering
We conduct meetings with volunteering organizations and well-known volunteers, write articles and create media projects about volunteering
Provide public edication
We teach how to help solve any social problems with one's help, conduct short-term educational programs on project management and volunteer management
Are you with us?
Become a volunteer
Invest your potential into improvement of yourself, society and the world. Help those who need help
Become a donor
The development of the country is our common goal. We're looking for those who believes in the future of volunteering and is ready to support development of volunteering in Ukraine.
Our partners
Our team
Anna Bondarenko
Mariia Donets
Olha Didenko
Media Coordinator
Oleksandra Zavertailo
Coordinator of a training center "Kosmos"
Illia Poltavets
Vasylyna Chumachenko
Digital coordinator